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Ingrid Monaghan is a talented designer, who offers fresh and stylish design on the Philadelphia Suburban Main Line. Ingrid’s goal is to provide clients with creative ideas, unique style and peace of mind.

A Decade of Ingrid's experience, passion, and excellence will make every client happy with her work. Her experience includes many projects in Princeton New Jersey and along the Philadelphia Suburban Main Line Pennsylvania. She has also been voted by the readers Main Line Suburban Life and Main Line Times for the 2015 Best Interior Decorator / Staging.

Ingrid believes in helping clients understand the importance of warm, inviting spaces that look beautiful and function well. This is done for each client's particular needs and aesthetic.   Ingrid brings a unique perspective that stems from her expertise with color, custom designs and knowledge of design history.  Ingrid's goal is to combine modern and traditional - balancing scale and proportion - always with a twist that raises it above the ordinary . Also to uncover a client's own sense of style.

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